If you wish to receive services, we will need to determine if you are eligible. In the State of Ohio, the guidelines for eligibility depend on the age of the individual.


Ages 0 to 3 Years

Early Intervention Services are provided to families of children up to the age of three who have delays in development or may be at-risk for delays in development due to medical or environmental factors. 

The Van Wert County Board of MRDD works collaboratively with Help Me Grow. Referrals come into the central coordinating site at the Help Me Grow office. Staff assists families with eligibility determination and other supports, which may include initiation of referral and services to MRDD Early intervention. Once the referral is made, families are introduced to MRDD Early Intervention staff that will assess and the follow the developmental progress of children until the age of three.

For more information
Help Me Grow
At (419) 238- 6200


Ages 3 to 5 Years

Referrals can be made to the pre-school program by anyone concerned about a childís development. The Thomas Edison early childhood Center offers a free developmental screening for a child to see if further assessment/evaluation is needed to determine eligibility for pre-school services.

For more information

Thomas Edison Early childhood Center
At (419) 238-1515 


Ages 16 and Older

To be determined eligible for services in this age group, an individual must meet the following criteria: 

  • Have a diagnosis of a developmental disability. A qualified professional must make the diagnosis. A report(s) must be submitted verifying the diagnosis.
  • Have a diagnosis that is expected to be a life long disability.
  • The onset of the disability must have occurred prior to the age of 22.
  • The individual or legal guardian (parent if under age 180) must give permission for the eligibility determination to be completed.

At this point eligibility will be determined through the administration of the Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (OEDI). The areas considered are:

  • Self Care: Skills in the areas of bathing, toileting, dressing and eating are considered.
  • Communication: skills in the areas of receptive and expressive communication are reviewed.
  • Mobility: the individualís walking and moving about in the environment are reviewed.
  • Learning: the individualís skills in reading, time telling, money, etc. are reviewed.
  • Self Direction: the individualís ability to make age appropriate decisions and understand cause and effect are considered.
  • Capacity for Independent Living: the individualís ability to do daily living tasks at an age appropriate level such as make a sandwich, operate a television, take dishes to the sink is reviewed.
  • Economic Self-Sufficiency: the individualís earning ability, benefit status and vocational skills are considered.

To be eligible for services, the individual must exhibit deficits in three of the seven areas as scored on the OEDI. When the OEDI has been completed and approved, the individual or guardian will be notified.

If the individual is eligible referrals to requested services are made. If the individual is not eligible staff will assist the individual or legal guardian in identifying other services to assist them.

For more information
Adult Services
At (419) 238-1514

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